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Just read this letter. They are horrid. Underhanded. Didn't care if my daughter lived or died. Have no morals. Lie. If I can I'm going for opening a criminal complaint. Too late to use but f them. They are owned by the mafia anyways
The love of money makes people do terrible!!! Things
To whom it may concern: I used public records and can't keep tAking pics. So much more I have to say. If somehow the corrupt CEO Bernadette did try to use me : don't care. I'll keep fighting. It's the principle..Besides unlike everything else in her life where she could grab millions in a man or a deal I'm living below poverty level. I drive a 2003 old salvage title car. I don't have a place of my own much.less any real estate and so try to use.
She has hooked up all her son's with clients who have or still are drug addicted. I ASK WHO DOES THAT!!!????
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