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201 Gertrude Avenue


Here at Purely Storage we are dedicated to keeping the property safe so can store worry free.

Some of the measures we take:

1. Individual pass codes to enter and exit - makes sure that no one who shouldn't be here can get in or get out easily before the authorities arrive

2. Wide open aisles - allows easy movement through the facility consisting of only left turns

3. All metal buildings - no wooden structures

4. 24 hour digital surveillance -lets us keep an eye of what is going on

5. Only registered tenants have access to the facility - customer's guests are escorted on and off the facility and anyone granted access is listed on the lease to ensure safety

6. No one is allowed to roam the facility by themselves unless they are registered tenants or accompanied with our tenants or by our staff

To find out more stop by at 201 Gertrude Avenue, Atwater, CA

On the corner of Shaffer Road and Santa Fe Drive , stop by or call wys kontakinligting and speak with one of our representatives to help you get the best deal.
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