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CELL: wys kontakinligting

wys kontakinligting

*****My approach to studying French:

When it comes to learning the French language and understanding French and francophone cultures, I believe that immersion is the best and steadiest pathway to success. All of my classes and workshops integrate culture, manners and traditions, so you develop a deeper understanding of francophone life.

Classes follow a comprehensive learning system based on AF FRAMES (Alliance Francaise French-American Educational Standards), a program based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages Educational Standards (CEF). I offer every level from introductory to advanced, with each level building upon the previous one. Whatever your initial level - or lack - of language skills, you will improve as efficiently as possible. .

I also offer advanced and specialized courses (classes a themes) and workshops that may match your cultural, leisure or professional interests.

Private and semi-private lessons are also available.

If you have studied French before, but not with me, I can arrange an appointment for your free evaluation.

I am a professional instructor ,who is a native French speakers
My goal is to create a learning experience that is not only clearly productive and progressive but also enjoyable.

Private and Semi-private Lessons are available


Smart Steps to French
I have designed French curricula and activities specifically catered to the needs and interests of little -- and not so little -- ones. Whereas most programs rely on repetitive workshops with limited material,I offer children the possibility of evolving through 3 levels (complete beginners to advanced) for each of 4 age groups. Unlimited options are yours to discover, so you can shape your child's experience .

Five Reasons to Learn French
-Expands your child's mind to new ideas and new ways of looking at the world.
-Increases children's appreciation and understanding of other cultures while fostering intercultural relationships.
-Develops children's critical and creative thinking skills, memory, self-discipline, self-esteem and confidence.
-Improves your child's English proficiency by developing a deeper understanding of language structure and grammar.
-Children who study a second language often have higher test scores in math, reading and language arts.

I offer a variety of classes for all ages and proficiencies so whether your child is just starting or already fluent in French, I have a course that will stimulate and expand their mind.
I follow the AF FRAMES Standards which are based on the Common European Framework of References for Languages.

Since I am a dedicated teacher and native speaker ,your child will be exposed to authentic language expression.

Private Instruction
Lessons are fully customized to your child's needs, learning style and aspirations. I provide a full range of language education from comprehensive instruction to school tutoring.

Holidays camps

Develop your children's skills while broadening their experiences through fun, discovery and creativity. My camps engage children through various entertaining activities such as art, dance, sports, music, cooking, games and crafts, while providing them a rich cultural experience.

>>>French for exam preparation
I offer assistance with a variety of high school and college entrance exams such as the TEF, DELF/DALF and Advanced Placement Exam (AP).
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