Black cat female - $25 (Atwater)

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Hi all. This is my cat Luna. She is a year and a half old. She is spayed. Never been vaccinated. Never been outdoors in her life. I have had her since she was about 8 weeks old. I love this cat dearly. But am in no situation to keep her and give her the loving stable home environment that she deserves at this time. She was supposed to be my roommates cat but they ended up rejecting her so I bonded and took claim over her to prevent from being taken to a shelter. I wasn’t stable enough to claim her back then either but I have made it work until now. Times have fallen way harder and the path my life is taking is extremely unstable. She needs a permanent solid home where it is certain she will have a forever home and love. She is such a sweet girl and great companion pet. Please feel free to reach out with questions. And please if it’s not too much to ask try to refrain from asking straight away when you can pick her up. I understand that is the goal here but consider how long she has been with me and how hard this is. I’d like to get to know people just a little bit before diving into that question. Please and thank you so much. I truly appreciate each and every one of your time and interest. A small rehoming fee will apply

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